“Up” or I have no concept of my own limits.

So either as a reward or a some form of work induced masochism I have started working on an organically created comic called Up. I am divorcing all sense of my very rigid process that I use for comics and instead creating a page a day with out layouts or any sense of formal planning cleanup or post production. I write each page as I draw it in an attempt to creater a continuation story with myself. You have just as much an idea what the next page will be as I do. So much so that I would even welcome anyone to write a page and take a bit of control out of my hands. So here goes. I make no guarantees towards coherence or quality. Just that I at least intend to enjoy the hour a day it takes to toss out a page. Enjoy!


Up is easy. Submit a page.




3 Responses to “Up” or I have no concept of my own limits.

  1. Mel Menzies says:

    Love the graphics! Love the concept. Alas, no time to contribute, though I do draw and sell my work as notelets. But book writing takes precedence. All best

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